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concord nh spcaFor over 100 years, the Concord-Merrimack County SPCA has been dedicated to caring for abandoned and homeless pets, protecting and advocating for pets in need, and promoting the humane treatment of all animals. We serve pets and people in many ways including pet adoption and re-homing, pet food pantry, humane education and outreach, animal cruelty investigation, volunteer opportunities and participation in community events.


ROCKY, a four year old, neutered male, Maltese with a story to share.
I have such an interesting story to tell. It all began in a home with multiple dogs where I fathered many puppies. I was used to having only one person care for me and I was not accustomed to interacting with other people. My caregiver recently passed away and my friends and I were brought to the shelter for a fresh start at a new life.
My friends adjusted more quickly than I did to the new changes.  We all got a good scrubbing and were seen by a veterinarian to be neutered or spayed as well as receiving other vaccinations.
With our new looks and clean bill of health we each found a new family to take us home.

I was still adjusting to the recent changes in my life when a family took me home.   I was so scared when I got home that when the leash was taken off, I bit the person. I honestly didn't know what else to do!
I was returned to the shelter after my biting incident and have been here for several weeks now.  The staff has been working with me getting me used to being handled and socialized with different people. While I am making progress, I have a hard time letting people I do not know touch me. I do allow a couple of the shelter staff to pick me up and I tend to melt in their arms when I feel safe.
I definitely enjoy being with people and dogs. I just need to find a family that has the patience to let me adjust at my own pace and the knowledge to help me overcome my fears. I would benefit from having another dog to learn from is possible. Please contact the staff if you are interested in meeting me.
Rocky's plea has been answered! His new mom Beth who took him home on March 12th and sent this message to us that very night; "Thanks everyone! He is doing very well and Hannah and Hayden are very happy to have a new brother".
He has even let her pet him!

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